Top 10 Secrets Fan May Never Know About Queen Rock band

Queen Rock band

Since their formation in 1970, Queen has become one of the most successful rock bands in history. With a string of hits that include “We Will Rock You,” “Another One Bites the Dust” and “Bohemian Rhapsody,” they have earned legions of fans around the world. Here are ten secrets about this legendary band.

Queen Rock band

1. Freddie Mercury’s family name is Bulsara

Freddie Mercury was born and raised in Zanzibar (the present Tanzania ). His parents were from the Parsi ethnic group of Iran . After graduating from high school, he moved to England and studied at the art college. As you probably noticed, his last name “Mercury” doesn’t have any connection with Persian culture, that’s because he changed it after joining the rock band Queen . In fact, his real surname was Bulsara. The following is a part of an interview:

Q: What did your parents think about your decision to work as a musician?

A: I would say they were quite upset when I first told them but now they’ve come to accept it. But they still think I’m wasting my time and efforts because music doesn’t make money

(Source: Freddie Mercury’s Swiss Son Tells All at Neatorama ) (Article is written by Wendell Ricketts  © 2015)

2. Brian May lost his father when he was just 14 years old

Brian May , the lead guitarist of Queen, who also had a doctorate degree in astrophysics from Imperial College London, was only 14 years old when his father, a good man that greatly loved his son passed away from lung cancer. In memory of his father being so influential in building up his son’s character, Brian made the following song entitled ” Father to Son ” as ode dedicated to him.

(Source: Brian May Talks About His Debut Solo Album – Kerry King of Slayer Covers It )

3. Freddie’s only son, Sam, is a drummer

Freddie Mercury ‘s only child, a boy named Sam , was born in December 1991 from an unknown surrogate mother. Although he can’t be with his father since he died in 1991, the love that they shared has been passed down to his son and this proved that everything that was made during his lifetime will always be remembered by the public long after his death. In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you were a friend or not to him because you’ll still be able to know about him through the internet . The following are some pictures taken from Sam Bulsara’s Instagram account:

4. Roger Taylor was a drummer in another band before Queen

Roger Taylor , the drummer of Queen as well as a songwriter and producer, has been playing drums since he was 12 years old thus he has already let go of his dream to become a dentist. In fact, before joining the band ‘Smile’, which would later on be renamed as Queen, he briefly played drums for a band named ‘Humpy Bong’. What’s more interesting about him is that he also had an extra ordinary hobby which is collecting ducks . He used to have up to 200 toy ducks with him at one point just because he really loved them! The following are some pictures from his collection:

. Freddie Mercury’s “gay” hairstyle was actually copied from Elton John

The “queen” hairstyle of Freddie Mercury was actually inspired by the style of English singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Elton John.

This goes way back to 1970 when Queen first started performing in various places around London . One of these gigs is where they met Elton John himself. They were really fascinated with his hairstyle that’s why they asked him how he did it and then tried to copy it for their own use. This just goes to show that everything happens for a reason and even if you’re not related to someone famous, there would always be something interesting about you that other people just can’t seem to ignore.

5. Freddie Mercury was accused of “stealing” the National Film Award in 1985

Freddie Mercury , who studied the craftsmanship of filmmaking in his earlier years, was once accused by an Indian filmmaker named Samir Shah for stealing the award that he received from the National Film Awards. The incident happened in 1985 where Freddie won Best Original Score award for composing songs for a film called ‘Elizabeth’. But to think that his works are plagiarized is completely out of line. Although there were some points made by Mr. Shah that indeed points at the possibility that these two people have worked together before, it still doesn’t mean that they committed any crime regarding this issue. So why did he even bother saying all these things? Well, if you’re really interested about it then you can watch this video to know the real story behind the controversy:

6. Queen almost disbanded after Freddie Mercury died

After the death of their leader, Freddie Mercury , Queen began to lose hope for they thought that their future is really uncertain. Brian May and Roger Taylor even considered disbanding since they’re already losing interest with what they’re doing now. But after thinking that this would really be a shame considering how popular the band is at present, they decided to let go of their past just so everyone would still remember the name ‘Queen’. It’s always about looking forward even if you have to forget your own self in order to do it. What matters most is not who you were but who you are right now so whatever decision you made will still depend on whether or not it can help improve your current state of being.

7. Queen wanted to offer Bohemian Rhapsody as the official song of the 2012 Olympics

Just like what you’ve read above, Queen was initially planning to give their hit single, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, as an official song for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London . But unfortunately, they were outbid by another record label company which just goes to show that even if your works are already recognized and appreciated all over the world, there would always be someone who’s willing to do it better than you. The following video shows how popular this band is:

8. A German band copied Freddie Mercury’s “I’m In Love With My Car” way back in 1978

This particular episode is where a German rock band called ‘Kon Kan’ plagiarized Freddie Mercury’s iconic tune. They were accused of copying the Queen frontman’s work after releasing their version of ‘I’m In Love With My Car’ in 1978. The group was asked to pay a certain amount of money as compensation but they completely ignored the settlement agreement. It wasn’t until 1991 when Kon Kan admitted that they’ve committed plagiarism and gave a public apology after learning about how wrong it is to copy someone else’s work without consent from them first. So this just goes to show you, never steal or copy anything from others because sooner or later people will catch up on what you’re doing and then take matters into their own hands by making sure that justice will be served properly.

9. Freddie Mercury worked for an AIDS awareness campaign

Freddie Mercury was not only one of the greatest singers to ever live, he was also one of the most generous and kind-hearted person you will ever get to know. He always made sure that his work is used in helping improve someone’s life by bringing inspiration and hope. This includes working alongside with the Terrence Higgins Trust , an organization which shares the same principles as what Freddie believed in when it comes to bringing awareness about HIV/AIDS. The musician did all he can by not only performing solo parts but also using his songs to make sure it’d reach others who would want some help regarding this matter. You can watch these videos below:

10. Freddie regularly wore heels because he wanted to be taller

Freddie Mercury was not only into music but fashion as well. He always gave his own personal touch to everything he does, including the way he dresses. But what you probably don’t know about this particular thing is that Freddie wore high-heels because he wanted to be taller than the rest.

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