Top 10 Ideas For St Patrick’s Day Dinner For Vegetarian

st patrick day vegetarian

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with an appetizer of Irish soda bread, honey butter and Guinness beer caramel sauce. An easy way to prepare it is to use store-bought refrigerated dough that has been baked in a cast-iron skillet for a crispy crust. Another great option would be to make the dish from scratch with help from this recipe from Food & Wine.

Vegetarian shepherd’s pie is a crowd pleasing dish on any day, but especially during the holiday season. Topped with fluffy mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy it features savory vegetables including carrots, onions and mushrooms and is guaranteed to go fast!

st patrick day vegetarian

10. A simple baked potato topped with vegan cheddar cheese, green onions and parsley makes for a great side dish that almost anyone will enjoy. Serve it up with soy sausages or veggie burgers for an all plant-based menu.

9. To keep the menu vegan, try one of these tempting recipes for stuffed grape leaves from The Kitchn ranging from simple to sophisticated.

8. Make a beet salad featuring roasted beets tossed with arugula, pomegranate seeds and citrus vinaigrette or apple cider vinegar to create an appetizer that looks as great as it tastes. For more information check out this recipe for Curried Roasted Beet Salad.

7. A plate piled high with vegetable spring rolls can help simplify your day when entertaining guests because you’ll only have to prepare one item before they’re ready to eat; plus it keeps things light and delicious!

Try this recipe for Veggie Spring Rolls for an extra special touch.

6. A vegan Reuben sandwich made with marbled rye bread, Swiss cheese-style slices, sauerkraut, and homemade dressing will have even the biggest meat-eaters wanting more.

5. Baked eggplant Parmesan is always a winner for any dinner guest. It’s another dish that can be prepared ahead of time so you can focus on other aspects of your menu or party. For more information check out this recipe for Eggplant Parmesan.

4. Vegan shepherd’s pie is becoming increasingly popular because of its’ great taste and health benefits including high amounts of protein, fiber carbohydrates and vitamin C! With many different ingredients available to use it also offers tons of variety that guests are bound to appreciate.

3. A platter featuring a white bean and artichoke dip served with pita bread and fresh vegetables will be a crowd-pleaser. Spoon the well-blended mixture into individual ramekins or mini casserole dishes before baking for easy serve options that guests can take to-go!

2. Colcannon is an Irish dish made from mashed potatoes, cabbage and leeks typically served during the holiday season. For a twist on tradition, use cauliflower instead of cabbage to create this modernized dish that just about everyone including vegans will enjoy. The entire presentation can be made in advance and then popped into the oven just before serving time so you’re able to spend your time doing other things rather than preparing food all day.

1. Irish stew is a favorite amongst those who visit Ireland and those who visit their local Irish pub. It’s an easy dish to prepare that captures the flavors of the Emerald Isle using carrots, onions, celery, and lots of garlic as well as fresh thyme and parsley for extra flavor. Serve it with soda bread or crusty French bread for dipping so you don’t miss out on the buttery goodness at all!

These recipes may not be strictly vegan but they’re sure to please even die-hard carnivores so go ahead and mix things up this St. Patrick’s day by serving delicious dishes enjoyed around the world during this holiday or any other time of year! Bon Appetite!

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