10 Secrets Fan Never Know About Kanye West

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Kanye Omari West is arguably one of the most popular rappers, producers and fashion designers of all time. He has also been married twice to two beautiful women.

Kanye Omari West often referred to as Kayne West was born on June 8, 1977. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia parent named Donda C . west, a professor at Springfield College, Illinois hometown and Ray J.West, pastor.

He started rapping at the age of five years with his mother who belonged to an artistic family that sang or recited poetry. During high school, he met producer No I.D. (formerly Big D) through his friend Poke’n Stiff which became mentor No I .D. On 1996 ‘s first album, ” the College Dropout “, Kayne West began to be known by fans and critics. In 2004 , his second album titled ” The Late Registration ” won several awards including the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. This is followed by another 2005 release of Graduation which got him a lot more popular even received several awards.

From 2007 to 2008, Kanye West collaborated with other artists who are also famous as GOOD Music on their first collaborative effort entitled “Good Friday” series of compilation album was very successful.

In addition to singing music producer , he has also worked as an entrepreneur in collaboration with companies such as Nike, Louis Vuitton and Adidas among others on projects that have earned millions of dollars.

kanye west 1
kanye west 1

10. Kanye West’s father was a member of the Black Panther Party

In an interview with The Fader magazine in April 2011, Kanye West revealed his father, Ray West, was a member of the Black Panther Party. This information is revealed by accident when he said: ” My dad and I saw eye-to-eye about ‘my beats’ and my music,” says Kayne. “My dad would always tell me that in order to be special you have to be different. So he supported my dream in designing clothes as a kid even though we didn’t have any money . He

went to jail for resisting arrest, which helped me realize the importance of standing up for what you believe in. ”

9. Kanye West was portrayed in South Park

In 2010, Kanye West spoofed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the 195th episode of South Park titled “Fishsticks.” The story revolves around a fish joke who is not understood until it becomes a viral Internet phenomenon. Fish sticks becomes so popular that even his idol , Kanye West himself can not stop talking about fish sticks until finally, he wore a shirt that says ‘ I fish sticks! ‘ in public.

8. He is part of an indie hip-hop group called Go-Getters

Kanye West once said during an interview with NPR, when asked if there were any artists out there who inspired him. Kanye West said, ” When I was in high school, what got me into music was definitely A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan. Later, it became Biggie and Jay-Z.”

7 . Graduation is the first album that managed to go number one on the U.S. with an opening week sales of over 957,000 copies

The album’s success came as a surprise because rumors said Kanye West’s new album would be titled 808s & Heartbreak where he sings only through the use of voice synthesizers. However, these rumors were quickly denied by people close to him along with his father who insisted change its name to “Graduation” after completing recording and mastering. Even his close friends, Beyonce and Jay-Z is said to fear that this new album is ” a very personal album. ”

In the end, the album titled ‘ Graduation ‘ became a success for Kanye West not only in sales , but also received Grammy Award for Best Rap Album in 2008 .

6. He’s really good friends with Kim Kardashian

The couple started seeing each other since 2010 after being introduced by a mutual friend who had worked on the reality television show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. But it was not until 2012 attending an awards ceremony at Cannes Film Festival which both of them officially admitted they were dating . Later , the couple announced their engagement on 24 October 2013 through Kim Kardashian’s official website and Twitter .

5 . He started a “Ban Small Talk” campaign

On the album titled ‘ Life of Pablo ‘, Kanye West has a song called “I Love Kanye.” What makes this musical composition is unusual that in this song he talks about how much he hates his own fans and apparently even himself. This bizarre behavior is explained by Yeezy through Twitter where they said , ” I always said that I do not care what people think when they hear my music! But in reality, I care what you think ! ”

To prove his statement, on February 11, 2016, Kanye West launched a Twitter account @ banonsmalltalk which holds the single tweet consists only of the word: none . The reason for its implementation was to encourage others to do some ‘self-introspection. ”

4. Kanye West is a big fan of real housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)

On September 19, 2016 , Kim Kardashian shared some photos on their official Instagram account which shows the behind scenes of their family trip to Hawaii. One of the pictures shows Kanye West and youngest sister Kylie Jenner who posed for an impromptu photoshoot wearing swimsuits while relaxing on the deck of a boat with Kim Kardashian. The funny part is when you look closely at one picture where Kanye West posing along with his son Saint and it showed the rapper has printed on its chest white type words that read: ” I heart ATL,” which refers to a reality TV show called Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

3 . His mother, Donda West is a college English teacher

Kanye West’s mother, Donda West who died in 2007 was actually a professor of English literature at Clark Atlanta University. It is said that her passion for teaching influenced Kanye to become more creative and ambitious with his music career. In fact, even when he had just started in the world of hip – hop , Kanye made lyrics about education and family issues which later inspired by his own parent’s life story.

2. His song “Gone” was dedicated to Bump J and Aaliyah

In 2009, Kanye West debuted a new song called ‘ Gone ‘ live during one of its performances at The Warfield in San Francisco together with Lady GaGa as opening act . But a few days after , the song was released for sale on online music store and titled ‘ Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer. ‘

One of the interesting parts of this song is its lyrics where he used a sample from Aaliyah’s ” One In A Million ” which said, ” Went through some things, but I’m fine .” This part becomes even more special because it was assumed that Kanye had written this song for his close friend , Bump J who was sent to jail that time. In addition, there are also rumors circulating among fans suggest that in the second verse of this musical composition has about a deceased singer named Aaliyah.

1. He started out as a clothing designer

Kanye West is not only known for his talent as musician but he is also known for his special talent in fashion. Even before he created his own clothing line called Yeezy, Kanye West has pursued a career as a fashion designer by working with brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton.

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