The Best Christmas Costumes Ideas For Couple

Santa Clause or Mrs. Claus

As Halloween has come and gone, we all get excited for Christmas! It is time of great joy, but also stress. How am I going to impress my office with the most creative costumes? What if I don’t like my new roommate’s costume after I invited him/her to join me in a couple’s costume this year? Is it too late to join our friends on their bowling night? The list goes on and on every single year about every possible dilemma you could encounter during the holiday season (except your weight because of your countless dinners of green bean casserole…)

Top 10 Popular Couple Costumes At Christmas

Santa Clause or Mrs. Claus

1) Santasaurus Rex

This is an absolute classic that will never not be funny. Plus, everyone loves dinosaurs. They’re just so absurdly terrifying.

2) Sharks and Witches

This one is a little more obscure, but so creative! Impossible to have a bad time with this as your costume. And, hey it’s an excuse to be a witch as well as a shark! Marvelous.

3) Muerte y Mariachi

Any self respecting family is going to have mariachis at their Christmas party, so why not all dress up as them? Plus they’re the perfect costumes for any couples with different skin tones because horror of horrors they can just cover themselves in face paint! Also does anyone else watch Coco? It’s great.

4) Santa Clause or Mrs. Claus

This one makes you think twice about variety being the spice of life. Sure, Mr. and Mrs. Claus are both Christmassy, but they’re also incredibly boring. So why not switch it up and dress as Santa and his wife? Your friends will love the variety!

Santa Clause- Speaking of Santa, sometimes you just want to be him because that guy is always happy and he brings gifts to all the good boys and girls! And what better time than Christmas to play pretend as your favorite childhood figure?! Even if you don’t look like him at least you’ll still be spreading cheer throughout the town with a big bag of toys for all!

Sir/Mss Claus- Last I checked we’ve never seen a female Santa Clause (we know she exists though) so why not take advantage of this fact and be the first lady to bring gifts to the boys and girls? Or if that’s too much of a stretch maybe you can go as Santa’s helper. There are plenty of costumes at your local party store…

5) Life partners

Sometimes couples just want to be in it together when it comes to costumes. So why not show everyone how much you love each other by dressing up as one big present?! The best part about this costume is that even when you’re fighting over has hell someone gone mini me’d me in front of the entire office or we’ve had an argument, all you have to do is hug and put on a smile because hey! You look so cute in your Christmas outfits!

6) Arctic Foxes

Two words: silver and white. They go with literally any color and can be worn to any wintery event! Plus, you get the added bonus of looking like a cute little fox. Win-win!

7) Elves

Okay so everyone knows that Santa has elves working for him back at the North Pole and sometimes those elves decide to take a break and have some fun in the snow. So why not bring this cute idea to life? And if your friends also have creative costumes it could even turn into an Oompa Loompa type situation where suddenly everyone is an elf including your significant other or your whole group of friends!

8) Lumberjack/Lumberjanes

It’s cold outside especially during the holidays which means there’s no better time than the present to dress up as a lumberjack or someone from the woods! Take advantage of this opportunity and match with your bestie, have your significant another join in on the fun by being a sexy lumberjane, or go for it solo and become the most attractive person walking around at the party.

9) Gingerbread couple

Don’t be surprised if you find some old-fashioned gingerbread men at your local party store! This costume is so versatile because you can definitely wear them to some holiday parties but they’re also great for any winter event like ice skating or even going sledding (if there’s snow somewhere!). You can play off of each other’s costumes too by having one of you dress up an actual gingerbread man and your other friend dress up as a gingerbread woman.

10) Wizards and witches

All the cool kids in college (or in Harry Potter, for that matter) are obsessed with Hogwarts and magic so why not show off your inner nerd by going to a couple of holiday themed events? If you’re really looking to amp it up throw on some pointy ears or go full hog and channel Hermione herself! I mean who could resist such an adorable outfit?!

Tip: Don’t forget about Christmas sweaters when you’re getting dressed up! Not only do they add a festive touch to any costume but they’re also super comfortable. So much win!

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