Why 50 Cent Rapper is A Legendary

50 Cent Rapper

It makes me reminisce about the time when 50 Cent was having a beef with Kanye West. Through social media, he took shots at Kanye for his undeserving fame. His “Ghetto Techno” diss made headlines across hip-hop news sites and blogs, which gave him more popularity among other rappers especially to those who are struggling in their career.

50 Cent Rapper

He’s now one of the most notable people on Instagram. He has 5 million followers on IG while counting, he uses this platform to recruit young business partners as well as promote himself . At first glance, you might think that he is just another guy posting regular pictures but once you dig deeper into it, you’ll see why so many people are following him

First off, 50 has each and every quality that makes him a legend. He’s someone who got fame through his struggle, he rose to stardom after selling drugs on the streets of South Jamaica (back then it was St. James projects). Music became an outlet for him to express himself instead of having violent outbursts or joining gangs, he chose music as a career despite being shot 9 times on September 2000 that left him hospitalized.

As a rapper, 50 Cent is known for his legendary mixtape run back in 2003-2005 where he put out 5 different tapes which all gained tremendous amount of success from going viral over the internet as well as radio play. In those two years, one mixtape was better than the other with songs like In Da Club , Many Men , 21 Questions which are considered as hip-hop classics. He went on to release 5 albums, his first ever album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ debuted at No. 1 on Billboard 200 where it sold 872,000 copies in its first week . It is now certified 4x Platinum by RIAA (Recording Association of America).

His success story is what many people look up to especially those who are struggling with their music career or trying to make it big online, he’s someone who was able to convert his talent into real life success and wealth. Although there were struggles along the way but 50 Cent has shown that anything can be achieved if you put your mind into it even when everything seems impossible.

Even though he is not as successful as he used to be, he’s still a millionaire who rubs shoulders with influential people from various fields. He has also gained so much success from being an entrepreneur, even though he had some failed business ventures but at least his effort and hard work paid off… more or less.

At the age of 42, 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson III is a true definition of a legend. You don’t have to be a rap star to become one of the most notable people on IG, you just have to have passion for whatever you do including music , art, fashion and many more. Just remember that if you keep doing what you love then eventually someone will notice it . All I can say is that 50 Cent doesn’t have any reason to be on this list but I had to add him simply because he is a legend.

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