Top 10 Secrets About Charles Leclerc

At the young age of 21, Charles Leclerc became the youngest driver ever to drive for Scuderia Ferrari. His meteoric rise through the ranks has made him one of the most promising up and coming drivers in Formula One racing. Here are 10 secrets about Charles Leclerc that you may not know:

  1. He started karting at the age of five: While most kids are just starting to learn how to ride a bike, Charles Leclerc was already hard at work honing his racing skills on the go-kart track. By the age of nine, he had won two French championships and had caught the attention of a Formula One team scout.
  2. He was the first driver to win in Formula 2 and Formula 1 in the same year: In 2018, Charles Leclerc became the first ever driver to win a race in both Formula Two and Formula One during the same season. His success was remarkable – he won two of his three races in Formula One that year.
  3. He comes from a family of racers: Charles is the grandnephew of legendary Formula One driver Louis Chiron and he also comes from a long line of successful racers. His father, Herve, was a multiple world karting champion and his uncle Anthony raced in Formula 3000.
  4. He has been teammates with four-time Formula One World Champion Sebastian Vettel: In 2019, Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel became teammates at Scuderia Ferrari. The two drivers had previously competed against each other in the 2017 Formula Two season, where Leclerc came out on top with more wins than Vettel.
  5. He is a master of qualifying: In 2019, Charles Leclerc took six pole positions in one season – an impressive feat for any driver, let alone a rookie. He also holds the record for the most pole positions taken by a Ferrari driver in one season.
  6. He is an all-round athlete: While he may be best known for his driving prowess, Charles Leclerc also has other athletic skills up his sleeve. In addition to racing, he is also an accomplished swimmer and soccer player.
  7. He was chosen as the face of a new video game: In 2019, Charles Leclerc was chosen to be the face of Codemasters Formula One game ‘F1 2019’. This made him only the second driver to be featured on the cover of an F1 racing game after Lewis Hamilton.
  8. His team nicknamed him ‘The Iceman’: After his impressive performance in Canada in 2018, Charles’s Ferrari team began to refer to him affectionately as ‘The Iceman’. The nickname has since become a popular moniker for the young driver amongst Formula One fans.
  9. He won the first race he ever competed at: When Charles Leclerc made his debut in 2015, he won the very first race he competed in. It was a remarkable achievement and one that cemented his status as an up-and-coming talent within the sport.
  10. He is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness: Having dealt with depression himself, Charles Leclerc has become a passionate advocate for mental health awareness amongst drivers in Formula One racing. He regularly speaks out about the importance of self-care and how to look after one’s mental wellbeing.

Charles Leclerc is a remarkable young talent and has already proven himself as one of the brightest stars in Formula One racing. With his determination, skill, and enthusiasm for the sport, it’s no wonder that he has quickly become one of the most popular drivers.

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