Top 10 Secrets About Boston Celtics Club

Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics is one of the most popular basketball teams in the world. The team has won several championships and is known for its strong performance. Despite their success, there are still some secrets about the team that many people do not know.

Boston Celtics

1. The Celtics were not always called the Celtics. When the team was first formed, they were known as the Massachusetts Basketball Association. It wasn’t until later on that they changed their name to what we know them as today.

2. The Celtics have had a few different logos throughout their history. The most recent one features a leprechaun, which is a nod to the team’s Irish roots.

3. Speaking of Ireland, the Celtics have a strong connection to the country. In fact, the team’s owner, Red Auerbach, is of Irish descent.

4. The Celtics have a rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers that dates back to the 1950s. The two teams have met in the Finals a total of 11 times, with the Celtics winning nine of those matchups.

5. Bill Russell is the only player in NBA history to win four MVP awards and be named Finals MVP in the same season. He accomplished this feat in 1961 and again in 1962.

6. The Celtics have retired 21 numbers in franchise history. This is more than any other team in the NBA.

7. Larry Bird is one of three players in NBA history to win three consecutive MVP awards. The other two players are Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell.

8. The Celtics have won a total of 17 championships, which is more than any other NBA team.

9. The Celtics have had some of the greatest players in NBA history on their roster, including Bill Russell, Larry Bird, and Kevin McHale.

10. The Celtics have a long-standing tradition of hanging banners from the rafters at TD Garden to commemorate their championship successes.

11. The Celtics have been coached by some of the greatest minds in basketball history, including Red Auerbach, Tommy Heinsohn, and Rick Pitino.

12. The Celtics were the first team in NBA history to draft three black players in the same year. They accomplished this feat in 1974 when they selected Reggie Lewis, Gerald Henderson, and Dennis Johnson.

13. The Celtics have had some of the most intense rivalries in NBA history, including those with the Lakers, 76ers, and Pistons.

14. The Celtics were one of the original teams in the NBA when it was founded in 1946.

15. The Celtics have a rich history and tradition that has made them one of the most popular teams in the world.

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