Top 10 Ideas To Enjoy Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s not long before Martin Luther King day comes up. This year the federal holiday falls on January 19. As you’re watching football with your family or exchanging presents with loved ones, here are some fun ideas to celebrate this special day.

Top 10 Ideas For Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Day

1. Get Crafty With Kids

Kids love crafts and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of many talents, including poetry writing and songwriting. Why not get kids together for a crafting session that celebrates his life? Make homages to his famous “I Have A Dream” speech or write poems about racial harmony in America, then post them on social media sites like Instagram , Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter . Be sure to tag your creations with the hashtags #IHaveADream or #DreamBig so they can be viewed by all.

2. Write A Poem Of Your Own

Don’t have time to make crafts? Make an extra effort these next few days to read some of Dr. King’s famous speeches and sermons. Pay special attention to his use of imagery, metaphors, and figurative language. Once you’ve gotten a better understanding of his style, create a poem in honor of the man and post it online using the same hashtags as above: #IHaveADream or #DreamBig. Not sure where to start? Here is one I wrote in my 10th grade honors English class: “Martin Luther King Jr.”3. Step Up Your Social Media Game

Another option is to write a short speech in honor of Dr. King and post it on social media with the hashtags #IHaveADream or #DreamBig . Not comfortable with public speaking? You can also do this by writing about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings on racial equality in America.

4. Have A Soul Food Fiesta

In addition to being a civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr was also known for his love of food! To celebrate the man’s life in a different way, make a list of five black-owned soul food restaurants in your area and treat your family/friends for lunch or dinner. Try posting photos of the experience on Instagram , Pinterest , Facebook , Twitter using the hashtags #SoulFood and #MLKDay .

5. Handwrite A Letter To Your Legislators

Writing a letter is another great way to share your thoughts on current legislation. Maybe you’re unhappy with the filibuster or think that affirmative action is unfair? Consider either hand-writing or typing up a formal letter of complaint about it. Then, deliver these letters in-person to your state and federal legislators on January 19th – MLK day! This will not only get their attention but will also show them that their citizens are active and care about politics. Finally, follow up by posting photos of the experience on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter using the hashtags #CivilRights and #PoliticsArePersonal .

6. Sing Out Loud

Martin Luther King Jr. loved to sing and encouraged others to do the same! Mark his birthday by getting together with friends and family for a karaoke party or signing inside your car with the windows rolled up (this is called “honking”).

7. Host A Trivia Competition

No matter if you’re hosting trivia solo or in groups, questions about Dr. King’s life are sure to come up. To get everyone involved, write down 10 interesting facts about MLK Jr on little pieces of paper (ex: He was named after Martin Luther; he led the Montgomery Bus Boycotts) and place them in a bowl or hat. Then, let guests take turns pulling out one fact at a time. Whoever gets the last fact wins an extra prize!

8. Go To Church

For those who are religious, attending church or chapel service is a great way to celebrate this day. Not only will you learn more about the man’s life and legacy, but you’ll also be thankful for all of your blessings in 2014. Alternatively, if there isn’t a house of worship near you, why not volunteer at a local soup kitchen? Food pantries are often understaffed thus always need extra help during holidays like MLK Day.

9. Take A Trip To The Museum

Research museums in your area that have exhibits dedicated to Dr. King’s life and take an afternoon/evening to visit one (ex: the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN; The King Center in Atlanta, GA).

10. Organize A Community Service Project

An easy way to honor Dr. King is to help the less fortunate – whether it be by shoveling snow for an elderly neighbor or donating canned food items to your local homeless shelter. It’s important that you not only think of others on this day but also act with them in mind too. Doing so will give you a sense of purpose and let you appreciate what your country truly stands for freedom, equality, and justice.

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