Top 20 Secrets About Santa Claus

santa claus

We all know, Santa Claus is the one who brings gifts to children on Christmas night. But do you know how he manages to do that?

Here are some interesting facts about Mr. Santa

santa claus

In the following article, Santa’s elves will answer some of the most frequently asked questions from children all around the world.

We have been working with Mr. Claus for more than a thousand years and we have learned to know him inside out.

1. He has a wife

Santa Claus got married to a woman named Clementine and they had 2 kids; Blitzen and Mistletoe — only after his marriage, he starts giving presents for free. It was because now he had somebody around to take care of his clothes and cooking, as well as making toys with him in the workshop. She also helps him escape from the rooftop on Christmas Eve when it’s finally showtime! After she passed away in 1657, Santa began living alone once again. And four years later, he met Mrs. Claus and they got married.

2. He has a team of reindeer

There’s no way Santa can deliver all those presents in one night without help! That’s why he has a team of reindeer who pull his sleigh around the world on Christmas Eve. His most trusted reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen. Rudolph was actually not one of the original reindeer — he was added to the team in 1939 by Robert L. May as part of a promotional campaign for Montgomery Ward stores.

3. His workshop is in the North

Santa’s workshop is located at the North Pole, which is why it’s so cold there! It’s said that the elves who work in the workshop make about 2 billion toys each year.

4. He has a list of good and bad kids

Santa keeps track of all the good and bad things kids do throughout the year, so he knows who to give presents to and who to leave coal for on Christmas morning.

5. He wears a red suit

Santa’s iconic red suit was actually inspired by Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children. He wore a red cape to symbolize his generosity.

6. He comes down the chimney

How does Santa get into homes without being seen? He comes down the chimney! And to prevent any accidents, Santa stuffs it with cotton balls before he comes down to make sure there’s nothing sharp.

7. Raccoons help him out on Christmas Eve

Santa can’t deliver all those presents by himself — that’s where the raccoons come in! When they hear a knock early in the morning, they run outside and put all the gifts into stockings. If you’ve been good this year, then you might see a reindeer footprint on your lawn from Santa landing his sleigh nearby! And if you’ve been bad… well you’ll have coal instead of presents under the tree. Sorry!

8. He watches you in your sleep

Even when we’re sleeping, Santa can still see us. How? He uses a magical spyglass called the “Crystal Ball Gazer” that allows him to see good and bad kids allover the world — even when it’s dark outside!

9. His shoes are red, too!

Santa wears big red boots so he doesn’t leave any footprints on the carpets while delivering your presents. So next time you take off your shoes, remember to put them back on at bedtime or you might miss out on some extra gifts from Santa!

10. How much does he weigh?

Santa weighs about 260 pounds and sometimes gets tired carrying around his bag full of toys and treats all night long.

11. He’s very old

If Santa were to retire now, he’d be more than 400 years old! And yet he continues to give out presents every single year without fail. We really hope that you haven’t been getting into any trouble this year or else… well, let’s just say the reindeer will be coming for you once they find out! So make sure your parents don’t kill you on Christmas Eve and you should definitely get at least one gift this Christmas.

12. Reindeer like chocolate

Santa likes to eat carrots as a healthy snack throughout the day but his deer prefer a sweeter treat — chocolate! That’s why Santa always has a stash of it under his hat so they can have a quick nibble while they’re flying through the sky.

13. Santa has a lot of aliases

Apart from Father Christmas, Santa also goes by other names like Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, and Babbo Natale. He’s even been known as Sinterklaas in some parts of Europe.

14. He has a team of elves to help him

As we mentioned before, Santa’s workshop is located at the North Pole and it’s said that he employs over 1,000 elves to help him make all those toys! These elves are said to be very small (around 3 or 4 inches tall) and can work really quickly to get all the presents ready in time for Christmas.

15. His sleigh can fly

Santa’s sleigh is magical and can fly! It’s made of wood and has a big red bow on the front. Inside, there are seats for Santa and his reindeer, as well as a special bag that can hold all the toys.

16. The elves make the toys in his workshop

The elves in Santa’s workshop make all kinds of different toys, from bicycles to dolls to video games. They work around the clock to get them all finished in time for Christmas morning.

17. Santa drinks Coke

Coca-Cola paid Santa an estimated $1 billion over a 20-year period to be their spokesperson! He’s been drinking it since 1931 and still enjoys a glass of Coke every now and then.

18. Santa’s workshop is located in the North Pole

Just like we mentioned before, Santa’s workshop and home are both located at the North Pole! But it won’t be as cold there as you might imagine — it would only be about 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 Celsius) during Christmas time.

19. His reindeer can fly too

Santa’s magical sleigh wouldn’t be possible without his team of reindeer. It takes a lot to power through the air but they’re always able to deliver all those presents on time, even if they have a belly full of chocolate!

20. Santa has really good handwriting

Santa has great penmanship and writes all of his letters by hand with a special fountain pen. Have you been writing neatly during the year? It could make you extra-special on Christmas.

And there are our 20 secrets about Santa Claus! Now that you know all of these amazing things about him, make sure to be good this year! If you are, maybe he’ll show up at your door with a sack full of toys. Otherwise, well… we hope you’re ready for the reindeer!

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