Top 10 Secrets Fan Don’t Know About Metallica Band


METALLICA is one of the most successful and popular rock bands in history. But despite their widespread appeal, the band has always been shrouded in mystery. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the secrets that have made METALLICA one of the greatest bands of all time. From their early days playing small clubs to their current world tours, we’ll cover it all! So sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about METALLICA like never before.


1. They disliked their first album

James Hetfield, the lead singer of the band, revealed to his father that they did not like their first album “Kill ‘Em All” back in 1983.  Lars Ulrich even stated that he thought it was terrible. But this made them want to do better and therefore they worked harder on what will be become their next album “Ride the Lightning”.

2. They were sued by an old guy who looked like Santa Claus

At one of the concerts at the Seattle Coliseum in 1984, Metallica got into a huge fight with some people backstage which involved Kirk Hammett getting stabbed with a pair of scissors. As a result of this incident, Metallica ended up being sued for $5 million by the old man who was stabbed in the incident.

3. They got signed to a major label because of an errant napkin

Lars Ulrich once said that they only chose the line-up for their band name after finding out that there were already two other bands in America with the same name (one New York and another San Francisco). The four ended up choosing ‘Metallica’ because it sounded cool when Lars scribbled it on a napkin. It wasn’t until a few years later that they realized that Metallica is also a well-known brand of batteries!

4. Their first big appearance involved them opening for Sammy Hagar

In 1984, Metallica opened for none other than Sam Hagar who is a member of the rock band Van Halen. During that time, Metallica has formed just 1 year and 2 months ago while Hagar’s gig involved him headlining with his own band.

5. Their first album went gold but they almost did not know it

When “Kill ‘Em All” finally reached its 500,000 copies sold mark in 1986, no one from their label called to inform them until after Charles Bennington from their management office already found out about it and told them so!

6. They played at least two prank phone calls on Cliff Burton before he died

Cliff Burton who is considered to be the bassist for all time had one of the best personalities among the members of Metallica according to their former manager Jon Zazula. But even he could not get out of the pranks pulled on him by his own bandmates. In one prank call, James Hetfield called up Cliff and told him that he accidentally ran over his dog. In another, Kirk Hammett pretended to be from British customs just to check if Cliff was smuggling drugs into their country.

7. The reason why Jason Newsted left the band

According to Dave Mustaine, a member of Megadeth who also used to play in Metallica before being kicked out of the band because of drug issues, it was caused by a disagreement between Newsted and Ulrich when they were horsing around backstage after an awards show in England in 1992. The fight was serious enough to warrant Newsted getting a restraining order against Ulrich even if the other members tried to play it down as nothing serious.

8. They ended up suing their original producer

Flemming Rasmussen who is also known as the ‘fifth member of Metallica’ during his time with them ended up getting fired because he wanted to take credit for all the work they did together on what will be known as “Ride the Lightning” which they recorded back in 1984. But instead of letting him have his say, the band sued Rasmussen so that he could not receive any royalties from his production work on their sophomore album.

9. Robert Trujillo had no idea how important he is to Metallica before joining the band

One time during the process of auditioning for Metallica’s bassist, Robert Trujillo did not know that he was competing with another guy who had already tried out for Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist so when the other person failed to show up on time, he felt relieved. But little did he know it was actually his competitor’s idea to get his spot so when the other guy came in late, Trujillo thought that he was just making excuses until he realized how pissed off everyone else was.

10. They almost broke up after Jason Newsted left the band

When Jason Newsted decided to leave Metallica in January 2001, even James Hetfield was thinking about calling it quits because they had been together for so long and really did not know what they were going to do next. It was only after a week that Lars Ulrich finally talked Hetfield into giving them another chance and the rest is history!

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