Top 10 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Aerosmith


Aerosmith is one of the most popular American rock bands with many awards. Here are some facts about this band!


1. Guitarist Joe Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton started to play together in a band called The Jam Band when they were in high school, while Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer played together in another band called The Chain Reaction.

Joey Kramer also played drums other bands such as “Bentley Rhythm Ace”, “The Crap”, “Casey Jones & The Governors” and “The Spectres”.

2. In 1971, after changing their name from New Yardbirds into Aerosmith, Joe Perry was arrested for driving without a license or registration, so went to jail for two weeks.

3. After that, Aerosmith was banned in many clubs because their fans were too excited and wild.

Moreover, some clubs refused to hire them if they play on stage with Steven Tyler who had the reputation as a “madman”.

4. It’s been rumored that producer Jack Douglas was fired from producing their 5th album Get Your Wings after he said that “It sounds like you’re playing behind closed doors” to Joe Perry during recording of the album. In fact it wasn’t true, because there is no proof of this rumor and Jack Douglas continued working with Aerosmith until 1976’s Rocks .

5. Even though Steven Tyler wrote lyrics for several Aerosmith songs, his lyrics were rewritten by other band members.

For example, the song “Mama Kin” was written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry but both of them forgot that they wrote this song, so when Aerosmith played “Mama Kin” on stage for the first time in 2008 during their concert at New York’s Nassau Coliseum¬† Tyler introduced it as a song from 1960s or something like that .

6. After joining AEROSMITH in 1974, drummer Joey Kramer didn’t have a drum set while recording Rocks album because he needed to save money to buy one.

So while listening to the tracks of the album, he made a beat with a guitar instead of drums.

7. It’s been said that during the recording of Get Your Wings album, one section of a stairwell collapsed under Steven Tyler causing him to break his ribs and injure his hip .

However it was not true, because Steven Tyler never fell from stairs or suffered injuries that could stop them from playing on stage or recording albums.

8. In 1973 Aerosmith joined Frank Zappa as opening act for many concerts in different cities as well as tours as “A Group Called Smith”. During this time they played with bands like “The Canned Heat”, “Mahavishnu Orchestra” and others.

Frank Zappa loved Aerosmith’s performance so much that he invited them to perform with him on Saturday Night Live in 1975.

9. If you are wondering, “Why did Aerosmith change the title of one of their songs from Dream On to The Dream Is Over ?” during their live performance on stage in 1973, so this change was made because due to some unknown reasons Steven Tyler couldn’t sing at that time.

10. Even though Steven Tyler changed the lyrics of several Aerosmith songs back and forth while performing on stage, there is no evidence about any of these changes until now .

For example, when they performed “Walk This Way” song on MTV in 1986 for first time, the chorus part had different lyrics than the original song.

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