How To Decorate Your House For Halloween

Decorate Your House For Halloween

Making your house spook-tacular for Halloween can be easy and inexpensive! Here are some tips to get you started this scary season.

4 Tip To have Great Halloween

Decorate Your House For Halloween

1. Outside the House

Having a spooky exterior is key to putting up an outstanding display. Purchase some fake cobwebs, green moss, rubber spiders, skeletons, candles in jars (red or orange), cardboard gravestones with bats printed on them. You can also create your own decorations using paperboard boxes and paint or markers. Glue cotton balls to the box before you paint it so it looks like snow, cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and attach string for hanging indoors outside of windows, use silhouettes to decorate trees or railings – the possibilities are endless! Make it a contest to see who can come up with the best decoration.

2. The Door Knocker

For those who have a porch or front steps you need a great looking door knocker! If you’ve never seen one of these before it’s basically a plastic pumpkin with a handle attached so you can hit it against metal for that final spooky effect. They are typically bright orange and have two big eyes, a big grin and sometimes even a nose – making this the most important part of your Halloween display. You can find this at any local store or craft store in October. If you’re using candles in jars make sure the candle is safely placed inside the jar before hanging from your doorknocker!

3. Front Yard

The bigger, the better – that’s what everyone says about their yards. You can use bundles of fall leaves and black plastic bags stuffed with hay to line your porch and pathway, hang up some fake bats and spiders from tree branches and bushes, paint faces on pumpkins, stack them up in a corner or even glue small white pumpkins together to make a “ghost pumpkin” tower. Purchase some graveyard props if you want to go all out!

4. In Your House

Probably one of the most important aspects is how your house looks from the inside as people are walking up to it. If you have jack-o’-lanterns carve them outside but leave the lids off so they’re ready for decoration inside the house. If you don’t have pumpkins try oranges, turnips or small gourds.

Once you’ve decorated your house for Halloween, put the finishing touches on the outside by adding some cobwebs to your front door and porch areas – not just around corners but in large areas too! There are different grades of fake cobwebs available; make sure to get the best quality you can afford because it really does make a big difference. You can also add fog machines inside or even place strobe lights in trees to make things more spooky. Happy haunting!

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