20 The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Wife

valentines day gifts for wife

Choosing a perfect gift for your wife is not easy as it sounds. Even if you have been together with her for years, you can never predict her taste and style. Finding out what she likes is the biggest challenge that you often face. To save your time and energy, we made a list of gifts that you can give to your wife on special occasions like valentine’s day, anniversary or any other romantic day.

Here are the top 20 gifts for wife on Valentine’s Day

valentines day gifts for wife

1) Jewelry

There is no need to say anything about jewelry as it has always been a popular choice when it comes to gifting items. You may also ask her friends or family members regarding what kind of jewelry she chooses so that you can easily buy one for her.

2) Spa treatment

The spa is another good option where you can give your wife a relaxing experience. You may gift spa voucher to her and ask her to come out with friends or family members to enjoy a couple of hours or more in a rejuvenating environment.

3) Perfumes

Perfumes are yet another popular options that can cheer up your wife on a special day like Valentine’s day. Ask from those who know about her taste whether she uses a specific brand or not. Also, mention the occasion when you will be giving it as per the choice of perfume as there are special perfumes available only during certain days of the year.

4) Personalized key chain

If you are looking for something less expensive but unique, go for a personalized key chain. There are a variety of options available in the market. You may also get it engraved with her name, date of marriage or something that reminds both of you together.

5) Bags

Whether she is working or not, your wife will love to get good quality bag. It can be designer handbag or just ordinary one depending upon her choice and budget. We suggest you choose a bag which will be useful to her on everyday basis like color matching shoes etc… Experts also suggest buying bags at the last moment as there is always a discount offer during special days like Valentine’s day.

6) Tote bags

Another alternative is to make use of tote bags which can be used for jute or cotton purposes. You may gift her a designer tote bag that she will like to use it daily.

7) Wine and cheese basket

If your wife is a foodie, then nothing works better than wine and cheese basket that can be gifted during romantic events like Valentine’s day. It comes in different types of baskets with a variety of bread, fruits and nuts along with wine and cheeses. You may also buy online from websites like Amazon or simply ask from relative or friend who has recently bought one where you can get the advantage of buying at discounted rates.

8) Candy bouquet

A candy bouquet is next best alternative when it comes to gifts for your wife on Valentine’s day. You can get it for her which comes with a variety of chocolates, candies and nuts. This will be one of the unique gifts that your wife will remember for a very long time.

9) Fondue set

If you are looking to make the event more romantic, then fondue sets are the best option. These sets come with chocolate fondues along with fruits, bread and other items. Pour milk, dark or white chocolate in mugs and let her enjoy Himalayan food together while watching movie or just spending some quality time together!

10) Handbag organizer

A handbag organizer is yet another good option that you may choose while choosing something unique for your wife on special occasions like Valentine’s day. These organizers help in keeping things organized and also comes with the capacity to accommodate shoes and other items that your wife likes to carry on a regular basis.

11) Perfume Gift Set

If you are looking for something traditional yet unique, a perfumes gift set will be the best option where you may get it engraved as per your choice. You can make use of spray or lotion depending upon her skin type and occasion like Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc…

12) Cushion cover

If she likes to decorate living rooms or bedrooms with stylish cushions, then this is one good option that you can consider while selecting gifts for her during special occasions like Valentine’s day. There are a variety of covers available online or within your budget.

13) Crystal Painting

If you are looking for something unique and different where both of you can spend some quality time doing something creative, then crystal painting is another option that comes to our mind. You have to buy a special kit with paints where she will get canvas along with paints etc…

14) Cookies

Cookies are yet another delicious option that you can consider while selecting gifts for her on Valentine’s day. There are a variety of options available in the market which come in different shapes and sizes. We suggest you get one which includes dry fruits or chocolates inside so that she will enjoy munching on it after being cooked.

15) Cosmetics

Cosmetics are always an ideal choice where not only your wife but even you can choose from a variety of options available in the market. You may buy her new perfume along with makeup or just get it for yourself where you will get new mascara, lip color etc…

16) Floral arrangements

There are a number of florists that provide discount offers on Valentine’s day from where you can simply pick floral arrangements for him which includes roses and other fresh flowers of different types. As a suggestion, we suggest giving a single flower to show your love rather than a bunch.

17) Heart-shaped ring

If your wife is fashion conscious and loves wearing jewelry items, then a heart-shaped ring will be one of the good options that come within budget. This ring will be around 12 rupees plus if she want to make it more personalized, then you can get it engraved as per your choice.

18) Jewelry box

A jewelry box is yet another good option that we suggest while thinking of something unique and beautiful for your wife on special occasions like Valentine’s day. These boxes come with a beautiful design and storage area where she can keep all jewelry items in a single place. It is always better if you do not select antique one as they will be costly and may not be used frequently.

19) Love coupon book

You can buy love coupon book from online portals which provide voucher books with different designs and categories like makeover voucher, massage voucher etc… As suggested earlier, this gift idea is worth considering when you are looking to select gifts for her on Valentine’s day.

20) Body massager

If she is working in an office, then a body massager will be an ideal choice where you can select one which has a heating facility along with different massage styles like kneading etc… These are some of the best options that we suggest for gifts to your wife on special occasions like Valentine’s day. This list includes items starting Rs 100 only and hence they are affordable as well. We wish your wife a very Happy Valentine’s day!

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