20 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Girl Friend

Valentines Day Gifts For Girl Friend

Is your girlfriend the kind of girl who loves getting flowers? Does she enjoy cooking, baking, and making desserts? Maybe you should get her some kitchen appliances or accessories to encourage her hobby!

Top 20 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Darling

Here’s a list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend that are guaranteed to make her smile, blush and love you for being so thoughtful.

Valentines Day Gifts For Girl Friend

1) 20 Red Roses With Teddy Bear

Give your girl just what she wants with this simple but beautiful V-day gift. With 20 red roses in a pretty bouquet mixed with baby’s breath, it’ll be an instant romantic pick-me-up for any occasion! It also comes with a teddy bear that can be upgraded to a 5-foot chocolate teddy bear.

2) Baking And Cooking Gift Set

What woman doesn’t enjoy baking and cooking? This will make a good gift for any girl who loves to cook up some goodies or whip up a tasty meal! It comes with a whisk, timer, kitchen towel, oven mitts, and pot holder making sure she never burns her hands on the hot pans again. It even comes with an egg separator so she’ll never have trouble separating the yolks from the egg whites!

3) Heart Balloon Squeeze Box With Helium

For just a buck more than 20 roses and a teddy bear, you can get her this adorable balloon that’s more unique and cute than the traditional bloom! This is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for girls who love hearts. It may be simple but it looks great as decoration too! Plus, with an included helium tank to make sure your giftee can easily hang up this heart balloon wherever she likes.

4) Heart Shaped Ice Cube Tray

This works best if you include the pink heart-shaped ice cubes into her drink on special occasions like on V-day or when she comes back from work tired or thirsty after a long day. It would indeed show how caring you are for her even during small moments like these! This will work for all types of drinks so she can enjoy her soda, juice, and water with a bit more love.

5) Pink Heart Mug

If you’re looking for something useful yet cute to give your girlfriend then this pink heart mug will do the job! It’s simple yet beautiful and functional too – it gets hot liquids cold and cold liquids hot like magic! This is perfect as everyday drinkware or even as a gift to formal events. She’ll surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift from you this Valentine’s Day.

6) Hot/Cold Gel Eye Mask With Lavender Scented Cupcake Soap

This gel eye mask that comes with a cupcake scented soap may not be a typical gift for Valentine’s Day but she’ll surely appreciate the extra TLC from you this year. The hot/cold gel eye mask can help your girlfriend relieve her tired eyes while the cupcake scented soap will leave her smelling lovely and sweet!

7) Miniature Handheld Fan

If your girlfriend loves fanning herself, then this mini handheld fan will be perfect to give on Valentine’s Day! It’ll surely come in handy at home or when she’s hanging out with friends outside, especially during this summertime of the year. Plus it won’t take up much space at all so it’ll fit just nicely into her bag no matter how busy or tired she is.

8) Make Your Own Cookie Kit

This make your own cookie kit is perfect to give on Valentine’s Day because who doesn’t like cookies? It makes baking super fun and easy with the included dough, mold, and recipe card! This is a great gift even for people who aren’t really good at cooking because once all the ingredients are combined, you just pop it into the oven and wait for it to bake. Then, voila! You’ll get yourself some pretty tasty chocolate chip cookies ready in just 20 minutes!

9) Pastel Colored Magnetic Nails

If your girlfriend loves to paint her nails but can never seem to find the time to do so, this may be a good gift for her. These pastel-colored magnetic nails are easy to apply and remove just by using water! Plus she can get creative with these nails too because it comes in 6 different designs which make changing her nail design every week easier than ever before!

10) Personalized Photo Mug

Everyone loves personalized things right? So why not give your girlfriend something personalized on Valentine’s Day like this photo mug? You can upload any picture you want onto the mug’s design for a more personal touch. She’ll certainly love seeing how much thought you put into this gift all while getting her morning coffee – what could be sweeter than that?

11) Mug Warmer

If your girlfriend often finds herself grabbing cold coffee in the morning then this mug warmer is perfect for her! This portable USB-powered mug warmer can keep her coffee nice and toasty throughout the day, even if she’s on the go. It also comes with a built-in cord which means less clutter around her desk! She’ll surely appreciate such a thoughtful gift from you this Valentine’s Day.

12) Strawberry Shaped Ceramic Water Bottle

This ceramic water bottle looks super cute – it even has a strawberry-shaped lid! So it makes taking water or juice out easier during those long days at work or whenever she’s thirsty outside. It comes in different colors, so if you want to give something even cuter and more personalized then get her one in a color she likes.

13) Personalized Customizable Coffee Mug

If your girlfriend loves coffee, tea or hot cocoa then this customizable coffee mug will be perfect for her! You can upload any picture and add a sweet quote on the other side just for her. She’ll surely enjoy drinking from such a sweet gift during those long days at work while showing off your cute couple photos to everyone!

14) Bouquet Of Love Mini Hand-dipped Heart-shaped Candles

This bouquet of miniature heart-shaped candles come with their own holders so this gift is perfect to give on Valentine’s Day! The best part? You can choose from a wide variety of scents and colors. Give her these cute candles and she’ll surely love having them all over the house as decoration or lighting them up while spending time with you!

15 ) Personalized Name Necklace

Nothing says I love you like personalized jewelry right? So why not give your girlfriend something personalized on Valentine’s Day like this name necklace? It even comes with different size options depending on how big or small you want it to look, plus it can come in gold or silver if that suits her style better! This gift also doesn’t cost too much either which means you’ll have plenty left over to get her some flowers or chocolate too!

16) Collapsible Silicone Straws

Help the environment with these collapsible straws perfect for traveling! These silicone straws are super easy to clean and store, plus they’re BPA free which means she’ll be enjoying drinks without any guilt. This may not be a “girly” gift but it’s still something that every girl will love receiving on Valentine’s Day – after all, who doesn’t want to help save the planet?

17) Heart Shaped Cheese Board And Knife Set

This heart-shaped cheese board is perfect for when you two go out of town together or even for her apartment! Does it come with everything she’ll need to serve up some cheese, crackers, and wine for you – what better way of showing your love than sharing a romantic meal together? Pretty soon enough, you two will be exchanging “I love you”s over this delicious spread!

18) ‘The Little Book Of Feminist Saints’

This book makes for an interesting read because it has amazing stories about some of the most influential women in history like Amelia Earhart, Coco Chanel and Frida Kahlo. What’s great is that all the proceeds from the book go towards helping female education around the world too so not only will she be learning something new but she can also help make a difference too.

19) Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

Give the gift of natural light this Valentine’s Day with this sunrise simulator alarm clock! This alarm clock simulates a natural outdoor awakening over time by lighting up gradually mimicking the sun. So it encourages people to get out of bed bright and early, meaning she can easily start her day on the right foot! It also comes with different soothing sounds like birds chirping, waves crashing or even rainforest noises – whatever you think your girlfriend will enjoy sleeping to on those restless nights. You can set multiple alarms so you two always wake up at the same time together too which is another great about this expensive but super effective alarm clock!

20) Sewing Kit Handbag

She’ll be able to make her own clothes and accessories with this sewing kit – all inside of a cute and decorative handbag! This gift is perfect for the crafty girl in your life who’s always looking for new ways to express herself through fashion too. She’ll get all the essentials like multiple fabric colors, different thread colors plus elastic, buttons, and more which she can then put into her new bag to take with her whenever she goes out on the town.

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